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Big Data Solutions & Services at Shivaay


Power your business with our actionable insights Big Data services

Big Data Solutions & Services

Power your business with our actionable insights Big Data services

Data is the fuel for any organization and how businesses perceive it plays a major role. The capability to utilize data by properly understanding, processing, extracting, valuing, visualizing, and most importantly communicating would be the secret of a successful business. At Shivaay, we understand only collecting data is not enough. You require discovering valuable insights about your procedures with the help of the data and turn them into actions. Big Data does unerringly that for you. Big data helps organizations to improve operations and make quicker, more intelligent decisions. Shivaay is a big data solutions company who offers services to businesses and helps them to develop and implement a complete Big Data strategy. Analyzing your business challenges appropriately, we provide you the strategic guidance required to succeed, leveraging the power of data you collect, to your advantage.

Big Data Services

Big Data Consulting

As one of the leading Big Data service providers, Shivaay helps clients in defining their big data strategy and selecting the suitable technology tools and processes to achieve tactical objectives. We have a team of seasoned professionals who are highly capable to develop complex algorithms and big data models.

Big Data Integration, Migration, Development and Implementation

As your organization grows and establishes its ascendancy in the competitive market, there is a vital necessity for the fast and reliable big data solutions arise. At Shivaay, we offer solutions and services for Big Data integration, migration, development and implementation

Data Lake Handling & Processing NoSQL data

At Shivaay, we offer comprehensive solutions for Data Lake Handing and Processing of NoSQL data. We thoroughly understand that ability to harness more data, from more sources, in less time, and empowering users to collaborate and analyze data in various ways leads to improved, quicker decision making.  At Shivaay, we employ AI and ML for Big Data Solutions which can make the business data simple, accurate, and narrative.

Big Data Analytics, Security & Support

Our experts have pioneered big data analytics solutions for top companies around the world. We provide comprehensive services to assist you in harnessing the power of your big data. Shivaay’s Data-Centric Security services include a risk-based strategy with leading data protection solutions to protect your organization’s important data across its lifecycle. Our data scientists, engineers, and analysts are involved in solution development from the beginning to end and offer complete maintenance and support.

Technology Expertise

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