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IoT Development at Shivaay


Transform Your Business with end-to-end IoT Solutions

In today’s technological era, the whole world is on the verge of another computing revolution ‘internet of things’ or IoT after the Internet and Big Data. There is a wide web of connectivity between humans, object, other animals and machines through unique identifiers. Under this scheme of things, data transfer is done without any human intervention. IoT means the interconnection of smart devices. All these devices are powered by sensors that collect and exchange data to work as per the user’s instructions.

The basic rule behind the automation of IoT is that all hardware devices of the ecosystem must be ‘smart’ in nature and have WI-Fi capabilities. In this new wave of a technological crest, a person can communicate with his/her car, refrigerator or washing machine from a noteworthy geological distance, or in actual fact, entire system can talk to other systems. IoT will surely overshadow every new form of technology we have seen and heard of.

IoT Applications The Possibilities are endless

Why SHIVAAY for IoT Services?

We are an all-rounder leader in IoT services who offer end to end IoT services and solutions.


With our connected smart devices, you can increase the capability of your business to handle a growing amount of work.


Elevate your business to the next level with our efficient, effective, and affordable IoT solutions.

Support & Maintenance

We believe in providing best support and maintenance for various IoT applications. We Manage remote infrastructure  emergency.


Shivaay’s IoT security solutions combine up-to-date identity management and encryption technologies and assist you to build connected systems.

Technology Expertise

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Benefits of IoT App Development for Business

Improves Safety & Security

Real-time decision making

Smart and enhanced supply chain