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Accounting Software

Sales order Module

Purchase order Module

Inventory Management Module

Finance Module

Payment Module

Customize to support your ​business process

Distribution Manage System (DMS)

Distributor or Dealer's Sales

Central Monitoring of all orders

Supports Ready Stock & Order Booking

Scheme and Claim Management

Integrated SFA application

Sales Force Automation (SFA)

Monitor Sales-Staff's activity real-time

Online Ordering Process

Track Location of your Sales Person

Collect Information from the market

Track your salesperson's productivity

Point of Sale (POS)

Desktop to Manage Everything

Inventory Management Module

Payment Module

Day Close Module

Customer Special Scheme and Claim

E-Commerce Application

Checkout Module

Coupon & Scheme Module

Admin & Seller Portal

Payment Gateway Integration

Courier & Email & SMS Integration

Ticket/Task Management

Ticket/Task Hour Wise Assign

Approval For Completed Work

Time Zome & Wokring Hours

Billing Raise as Working Hours

Staff TimeSheet & Salary Process

Transport Application

Parcel Booking System

Online - Offline Module


Pay and To Pay System

Stock Aging Report

Attendance Application

Day Start - End Module

GPS Tracking

Auto Work Allotment

Call Start -End With Photo Capture

Real-Time Productivity Report

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Custom CRM solution

Flexible deployment methods

Switch between CRM solutions as your business grows